Design Director and the soul of the brand-Ms. Last week, , who went to New York Fashion Week, successfully brought a pink woven butterfly bag out of the circle. Dreaming of the Eighties. Not only the reverie and practice about leather, but also the streamlined handle of the Sardine handbag held by the model on the show is ushering in this season. After researching many classic works of the brand in the past and trying them on personally, he gave a series that can suit both new and old audiences, from the leather feather corset that echoes the opening and closing scenes, to the waist-length slim fit The satin trailing skirt and the long streamer at the junction of the suit, the sexiness he is good at has also become completely inoffensive, and the movement of the model's arms around the chest makes the design look subtle and humble. It is popular on the wrists of fashion people all over the world and has become the brand's signature style. Street shooting demonstration: Actress Nikkie Plessen wears a leather baseball jacket with a stitched dress made of the same material, and holds an LV Petite Malle bag in her hand, perfectly combining the toughness of leather with the softness of gauze skirt. In contrast, wide shoe trips test the shape of feet and legs more than thin shoes. Golden Goose Femme Chaussures A timeless icon yet one thats constantly evolving. And Long even said, "This is more meaningful and fulfilling than any award. Walking slowly in the distance, it looks like a wool-blend textured fringed coat, but it is actually woven from exquisite leather. In addition to the powder blue rhombus patterned jumpsuits, shawls and long dresses that can be seen everywhere, Mr. In addition to colored suits, plaid suits are also very popular this year. Skate soul, glamorous attitude. An American vibe for this clear tribute to the skateboarding world. In her nearly 30-year acting career, Natalie Portman has appeared in more than 60 films and 5 television series, each of which was a hit. Sprint Runner with a pieced and patched upper silhouette in white metal free leather featuring an embossed Seal logo on the side and an signature on the heel counter. At , we love taking our classics and reworking them all the time, always from a new angle. Finished with an signature on tongue and heel counter. In the nourishment of life day after day, gradually realized that going abroad is a rich and colorful journey in itself, not just a matter of modeling. Use multi-layered blue, pink and other romantic tones to outline a graceful dating scene.